Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ocean School

Just to make sure we go completely over the top with my child's marine life obsession, at the beginning of summer I decided we were going to make our own ocean. I taped blue butcher paper over the largest free wall in the house. (In the kitchen.)  Then each week we checked out every book the library had on one marine animal at a time - dolphins, whales, sharks, rays, sea turtles, sea lions, sea horses, squid....etc. We immersed ourselves in that mammal/reptile/fish, and then added it to our ocean. Most of these, the kids drew. I tried to get the animals to be in proportion to one another. I also find it humorous that our now 3-year old can correctly identify several of these sea creatures correctly. I mean, she doesn't respond to "how old are you?", but ask her which one of these is the Mako Shark, and she'll be spot on.


GrittyPretty said...

WOW. How fun! I want an ocean of my own now! Pam you are the coolest.

jodi said...

so, uh, what is a Marko Shark?

Abbigail said...

those are the most beautifully drawn marine animals I have ever seen. That ocean is incredible.