Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Hiking

My very kind brother sent me a book titled "Best Easy Day Hikes in Salt Lake City".

And I had a moment when I wondered why on EARTH haven't been taking my children hiking this summer.  Well, ok, there are obvious reasons, like a 3 year old and 1 year old, but I mean, my parents took my sister and I hiking all the time. I spent most high school weekends with my friends on some small local hike or another.

So we immediately set out to do 1 or 2 hikes each week. They've all been totally kid friendly, less than a mile, and my kids think it's the best thing we've ever done. I'm feeling really really silly it's taken me this long to think of this.  (Ok in my defense, I generally don't like to leave my home with little ones under 3, and for sure hiking can be dangerous with kids that age, but still...)

Ensign Peak. Short, easy, amazing views. We always bring my dad because hiking is so much more fun with him. And also, he can manage the 3 year old.
Temple Quarry Trail. Paved! Paved!, so baby could just chill in the stroller the whole time.
Silver Lake. Pretty much a classic for the area. Moose sightings are frequent. My little boy sidled up to me and said "Mom, I'm scared of that Moose." I half kidding said, "Don't worry, when we have Papa with us, we don't ever need to be scared. He knows all about wild animals." Then I realized that I would actually probably be scared without my dad around too. Phew, thank heavens he keeps agreeing to go on these with us.
Lisa Falls. Another classic. Really short, great for amateur rock climbing, and a fantastic waterfall.


jodi said...

I want your dad.
Your kids are getting too big.

Camille said...

I would be scared of the moose too. Love E.P. hike.

megadog said...

So great! I need to get that book. Emily and I took the kids to Ensign Peak and had a hillarious hike. Scottie was sobbing the entire hike and saying, "I'm so boring." Meaning...this hike is so boring. He made it to the top after much kind and gentle persuasion. It was quite the experience.

Anonymous said...

how fun! I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

how fun! I'm inspired!

HooverBirds said...

van & i had the exact same epiphany this summer too. did i tell you theo fell in the grassy lake at was sadly very funny. He was filthy. He didn't find it so funny.