Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A long, long time ago... I got a short haircut and went to Europe for 2 months. I went with around 30 other people, none of whom I knew.

Me in Florence, Italy

Of course I did make friends. Many wonderful friends. Many of whom have gone on to become really fantastic artists. One friend in that I made is Cass Barney. On this Europe trip, she was in the stage of life that I am in now. She and her husband were hauling their two little girls around Europe. I was fascinated by her because she was a mom AND an artist AND she was making it work. I remember visiting her studio, her two little girls painting at a small table. I paid attention. I knew one day I would need to try to make it work (being a mom and an artist).

In Spain, at a Flamenco dance.

Anyhow, years and years have separated us as we've each gone down paths that never crossed...until I discovered her blog 2 years ago! Ahh. Reunited friends at last. I am still fascinated by her for many reasons. I've always loved her work. And she's still making it work. And she is still bubblingly happy.

On her blog several months back, she announced a new project she was doing the required participation....and I participated. You can read about it on her site. Below is "my" painting. On her site, if you click on this painting, a pop up comes up that describes it. (No, I didn't paint it...I just shared with her an idea, and she came up with the painting).

Last Friday we went to the show to see the painting in person. The paintings are exquisite. All have great stories. The show is up at Kayo Gallery, until July 15th, I think. The painting means so much to me. Thanks for telling my story Cass.


B Beach said...

Sorry I took such a crummy picture. Me take bad pictures. Great work on the show, Cass!

jodi said...

okay you know I'm going to comment on the hair. You are beautiful short or long but I think I like long.

I spent close to an hour devouring her artwork. What a great website! What a fantastic artist.

Elle said...

I think you should cut your hair again :)

Abbigail said...

I love hearing about other Moms that are artists. The show looks great....

Cassandra Barney said...

Ahhh Pam! That is so nice and made me so happy.
Just for the record everybody, Pam was the BEST in Europe and always willng to lend a hand to me carrying a child luggage and stroller. I was impressed and grateful to her then and now.
You rock Pam!
Thanks for coming to the show. You look stunning. I'm your fan.

XOX Cass

PS B- I like to close my eyes so it's all good.