Friday, June 19, 2009

Art Friday

So, for Friday's throughout the summer, my sisters and I are doing an art day. We each come up with our own ideas of what we want to do. Today I wanted to focus on one of my favorites, Jim Dine. No suprise, it was his birthday this week, and I'm a sucker for celebrating other people's birthdays, regardless of if they are living or not. (He's still alive). And I believe I said I was retiring the sugar cookie as a teaching method, but the sugar cookie was bored in retirement, and was dying to get back in the game.

various hearts, like Jim Dine's various hearts.

Jim Dine painted metaphorical self-portraits with these robes. I really took the idea in college because I'd rather paint people's "stuff" than them because their "stuff" says so much more about them.

I tried explaining the concept to the kids. They painted their own self-portraits that were, uh.. not of themselves..physically anyway.

the next two activities are the work of my sister. so great.


jodi said...

just read up on Jim Dine. Very interesting. See, I learned something too.

HooverBirds said...

i didn't know jim dine was an influence on that painting of yours. I love it! (both you and jim)

Abbigail said...

I too adore Jim Dine. So great at printmaking and drawing. I really like those tissue paper paintings, look lovely.