Saturday, November 03, 2007

New York City Chapter 4: This is the end, I promise

You've all been so patient. All four of you. I noticed that as I keep adding New York posts, comments keep dropping. This is my last NYC post.

Chip and Bryan at the Natural History Museum. It was very much worth our time.

Chip really wanted us to mediate the discussion between the settlers and the Native Americans, but we weren't very successful.

Yes, we were that scared. We're not even acting.

Washington Square Park? I think? That arch is cool.

View of...Uptown Manhattan. You can see Central Park right smack in the middle.
View from empire state building.

View of Downtown Manhattan. And Brooklyn on the upper left.

It was way cold, but clear and beautiful on top of the Empire State Building.

Downtown Manhattan again. If I were nice I'd circle the statue of liberty for you, but I'm not. It's to the right of lower manhattan.

This is where John Lennon was shot. We like his music.

The "Imagine" circle. All decked out for Halloween?

This display was cool. big chunks of grass made out of different green fabrics. I'm going to one day make some for Milli's room.

Manhattan Temple.

Our hosts! We miss them so much! They were so fantastic to let us stay with them and take up their time for four days. Poor Katie, I think we kept her up WAY too late every night, but we couldn't help it, they kept telling funny stories.
I loved this trip. Yes I would live there. Yes I want to visit again.


AkuTyger said...

It's not that we aren't inspired, it's just that we don't know what to say. I have to say, though, I am now reading Katie's blog in addition to yours and Jessie's. So at the very least, you have inspired me to learn about more interesting people.

roadrunner said...

I've loved all of your New York pictures! I've always wanted to go there, but since I won't be going any time soon it's been fun to see all of your fun adventures! I'm so jealous, what a fun trip!!

jodi said...

who is that bearded homeless man on the empire state building? and hey, we'll never tire of seeing anything on this blog! especially you guys in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Was the museum like the movie? "Night at the museum" with Ben Stiller. Looks like the same stuff.

Keely said...

You are so NYC material Pam, I think you would fit right in. On second thought, Jess might go into depression if you moved away.

Jessie said...

I will be your SIXTH comment! Take that!

I love Bryan's sophisticated scarf and all of these pics of the two of you (what a rarity!) better be framing some!

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great vacation. Those girls are adorable!

sixmoores said...

Did you like the Empire State Bld? I was kind of let down after watching so many movies. I expected something different. I love that you went there!

Anonymous said...

Come back soon! And bring the kids.

We loved having you here.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I apologize that my enormous Adam's Apple distracts from the ostrich. Perhaps I should have borrowed Bryan's scarf.


Ynaffit said...

I love NYC... I wish the 4 couples could all go together. That would be a hoot. Imagine the men running through the hotel at 2 am?

I love how artsy fartsy you guys are. Going to all the museums and stuff. I just went to NYC for the food. Nothing more. . . okay, that and to ride the subway. Just because I saw it on Sesame Street one time, and it looked cool. By the way, it is. But you already knew that.

Thanks for taking me back to NYC. I loved your pics.


katie said...

oh pam, come! move here! be our neighbors! i'd be in heaven.
i can't say enough how much we loved having you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , I can't get over it.
It looks like the ostrich laid its egg on my neck!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , I can't get over it.
It looks like the ostrich laid its egg on my neck!


Anonymous said...

woops. clicked send twice.


Anonymous said...

chip, we can't get over it either, because you are obsessed with it. we wouldn't have even noticed if you didn't bring it up. but hey, it's new york, anything can happen. maybe an ostrich did lay eggs in your neck.

cathy said...

I think that I know the people that you stayed with, at least Katie. Is her maiden name Porter? Did she grow up in California? If she is who I think, she was in my ward in Cali!!Ryan and I were really good friends with her sister Sara and Bro in law Eric when we lived in Shingle Springs. Her picture looks so familiar!!!