Monday, April 18, 2011

Ocean Cake

You know whats awesome? Letting kids take over full creative control. Takes a huge load off my shoulders. And makes them happy. For example, this year my son had very specific instructions for his cake:

All blue, except
The top, which needed to be white. Like ice.
Small hole in the top where penguins will be standing around, Swedish fish will be in the hole.
Fondant dolphins and sea gummies on the side, so that the cake looks like an ocean.

I think I have finally learned to let them be creative, and me be grunt labor. Although honestly they prefer to be grunt labor as well, and really only have me there as standby. I am also learning to take them very literally, and to not insert my own ideas into the process.

Built by kids, too. And look at my daughter, getting ready to cough on it. Awesome. (As a side note, look, she is in prison jammies. Zipper in the back. Her efforts to change her own diaper 3 times lately  in the morning has cost us over $300 dollars.)


jodi said...

That is one AWESOME cake. He probably couldn't eat it though. Greta. Coughing on the cake...I'm laughing so hard. The prison jammies. How do you do the feet? Aren't they backwards?

Camille said...

This cake rocks!!!

Christina said...

I get a kick out of the fact that your 6 year old knows what fondant is. And the fondant creatures are amazing.

John and Becky said...

Awesome cake! I'm wondering about the feet part of the prison pj's too..doesn't sound too comfortable :)

pamela said...

we cut the fabric feet off.

Abbigail said...

Perfect. I know he is a lot like my five year old and she always wants to be in charge and has lots of her own creative ideas. The cake is amazing and he must have been so proud. Now please tell them to stop growing up so fast.

sixmoores said...

Love the cake

megadog said...

Beautiful cake. I am a big fan of the penguins standing around the fish. So darn cute.