Friday, January 07, 2011


I think back on my past and cringe.

Not that there is anything horrifying in my past. (Well, there are some photos of me in a "Blossom" style hat).

Right now I'm cringing thinking of how I behaved in college.

My poor roommates.

In church I would "meow" the hymns. Never sang a word. Just meowed like a cat.

I would get oil paint on their coats when I painted in the kitchen, and oil paint doesn't really come out.

I also frequently up and decided I needed some new pants or a shirt, and would sew all night on an old, loud machine.

And I'm pretty sure when on a whim I decided to cut my hair in front of the hall mirror with some dull, goopy craft scissors, I made a huge mess.

I'm sure my roommates remember all the immaturity better than I do.

But, I roomed with some pretty amazing people. Who have all gone on to become even more amazing than they were back then.

Kate - business owner , river rafter, and amazing mom.
Audrey - my former dating coach ("men like long hair Pam"), and pretty much Martha Stewart, she is the ultimate homemaker. (her advice did work, by the way.)
Suzanne - fastidiously tidy, thoughtful, emergency room nurse with the BEST stories, mother of twins
Vanessa - the only person to make me laugh my "ugly" laugh. She is that funny.
Anne - supremely kind, witty, mother of three with a gift with words you will envy.

Girls, I probably owe you some kind of spa package, only you could have used it 12 years ago when we lived in that pink cinderblock thing we called an apartment.

Wow, it has taken me a long time to get to what this post is actually about! Today I am writing over on Anne's blog about my wacky New Years Resolution process. It makes me sound weirder than I actually am though. 

**I am still passing on some awesome advice Anne gave to me in college when I wanted mint truffle hot cocoa, but only had plain. "Just go brush your teeth, then it will taste minty."


Vanessa said...

Oh Pammy, we all love you! You brought excitement and creativity to us and it was great and it was refreshing. The things you didn't mention were that that haircut, super cute. Sewing through the night resulted in an amazing new outfit for the day that only you could pull off. Getting paint on our coats ended up in gorgeous works of art that amazed us all. And the meowing of the hymns made boring old sacrament meeting something to look forward to.
You are to this day the most creative and original person that I've ever met. This probably sounds cheesy- but I am a better person for having known you. Or should I just say "Thanks for the friendship"-written by pam on our message wipeboard sometime in 1999.

Anne said...

I'm with Vanessa. And I have plenty to apologize for myself, such as wearing that red coat, slamming the toilet seat early every morning, insisting on open windows in January, and the dirty, dirty feet!

We had fun, didn't we?

P.S. I still meow to hymns if I don't know the words.

Katie said...

I have absolutely no recollection of paint on my coat. I do however remember writing coded messages to one another from the periodic table on the wall of our sacrament meeting classroom. And decorating cakes and making scones.

I look back and think that I was I wasn't a very nice person then. Sorry friends. Hopefully I'm a little better now.

suzy said...

Thanks for the nice things you had to say, but I feel that you deserve much more credit than you give your self. I admire you in many ways. You were a kind of roommate everyone needed. It was fun to have someone around that knew how to have fun--while I on the other hand could not spend enough time at the library. I loved to listen to you play your guitar and sing. I also envy all the fun and creative things you do with your kids.

Thanks for being a good friend and roommate.

pamela said...

oh girls, i seriously cry with happiness at the good times!

i think it was anne's coat i got paint on.

Vanessa, remember all those nicknames you had for me??? "thanks for the friendship"? seriously, what was wrong with me?

kate, those messages? i totally forgot! you made some seriously good chocolate sour cream cake, as i recall.

suzy, seriously, how did you put up with us? you were and still are, totally a model citizen! the only good example among us.

anne, i wouldn't change a thing about you, even the window in january. and for the record, my husband says i tromp around like an elephant in the morning, so i'm sure i'm louder than you ever were - i just never got up early in those days.

audrey? where are you? we need to get together and read passages from the Fascinating Woman.

John and Becky said...

I am laughing out loud that you used to "meow" the hymns. That is hilarious!

Audrey said...

It sometimes amazes me that for as short of a time as we actually lived together how much I think about all of you lovely ladies and still feel your influence in my life!
College was great I have nothing but fabulous, fun memories except for maybe that one time in the summer when our two cute asian roommates decided to make us a "special dessert" where they cooked some kind of bean for three days before they finally burnt them and made our apartment SO stinky.
When ever I actually iron something which doesn't happen all that often (Scott says I like to put clothes in a hostage stituation because I won't let him wear them unironed but I don't really have plans to iron them anytime soon) I think how proud Susanne would be of me.
When I am people watching and think of funny little things to say about complete strangers I want to call up Vanessa and tell her.
When we attend a cultural event both Scott and I sometimes have a desire to Hassah (I know I spelled that wrong) Anne.
And speaking of spelling, Kate whenever I read something not straight of the bestseller list for bookclub or actually type up a document that doesn't make me correct a million things I think of you and your amazing writing and editing skills.
And Pam whenever my A-type personality rears its ugly head too much I try to channel my inner Pam and just go with the flow.

Anne I love reading Hey-Nonny and Pam I loved your entry. But most of all I just love everyones blog because eventhough I am far away, I get to pretend I am still involved in your lives on a more regular basis.

Thanks Ladies

jodi said...

Oh, I am so sad that I was having children when you were in elementary. There is that age gap that doesn't feel like an age gap that makes me wish my parents would've waited a decade to have me cause I really want to be your roommate. I bet those girls are simply fabulous. Is that where you and Legrand meow to each other came from?