Sunday, July 25, 2010

Homemade Fun

I was raised on the homemade variety of fun. No fancy vacations, no outings beyond the local parks and not many movies. Our fun was camping, hiking, and in general, staying home. That time home (and living in a time sans so many media options) combined with a mother who was raised on a farm (talk about a situation ripe for homemade fun), made for a very creative childhood. Our fun was all invented. Usually by our parents, sometimes by the kids. I could go on and on about silly games we made up, varieties of play-dough made, games we made up combining jumping out of windows and mattresses, and crafts made out of scraps.

I feel slightly bad for my kids, raised in a time with so much distraction, and so little creativity required of them. If I was raised to believe anything, it is that you do not need (much) money to have fun. And I feel like now I'm working really hard to instill in my children that they don't need to have money to have fun.

Onto what we have been up to - a summer of homemade fun:

The annual paint fight.

And the homemade slip-n-slide, made all the better by grandpa providing a ramp to start on.


Max California said...


And the little tot on the slippery-dip! I NEED A SLIDE LIKE THAT!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

That looks awesome, your kids are super lucky.

jodi said...

hahaha, Greta on that slide! And that slide? he is awesome.

Abbigail said...

Amen to homemade fun and imagination. I would love to hear what kind of paint is used for that fight. Very fun!
I remember endless days of bike riding and roller skating from my childhood. Living next door to lagoon, I still only went once a summer.

suzy said...

I admire your creativity! Looks like fun!