Friday, July 24, 2009

Picasso Peg Game

If you can get past the fact that I couldn't quite control the drill, you may enjoy these peg board games. I took a 3.5" x 3.5" piece of wood and modge podged on a color copy of a Picasso painting. Drilled holes the size of golf tees, and taught my children how to play what is possibly the oldest childrens game ever. I could also see these being really cool with a picture of the child, a castle in Europe...etc.


jodi said...

I just want to see you drilling.

Lili said...

Great Idea-I love this game!

Kelsi said...

That is neat. I loved that game when I was little.

cathy said...

so fun! if you ever need drill lessons come on over...after all the projects we have done i'm an expert!!!

Lovelands said...

Hey Pam,

So I was happy to learn of your blog through Cass Barney's blog. I am happy to see you are doing well and I love what you have done with your Art and for your kids. They are really cute. My wife an I have a little boy that we plan on doing similar art activities with him. Anyway, I always dug you Pam. You are a great artist!

Take care,

Mike Loveland

Christina said...

Hi Pam,
It's Christina. Abbi's sis-in-law. You totally inspire me. I love how much you do with your kids.

I think I want you to raise mine.

I just spent so much time (that I should be putting laundry away) looking at all the great things that your kids get to experience. Luckies to have you as a mom.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

I am sure I will be checking back a whole bunch.

Audrey said...

Like everything you do so cute. We really missed you and Jessie a couple of Thursdays ago. I am going to be out of town for awhile but maybe we can try to get together again later.