Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book bag

Today I am giving each of my children a new book that they've never seen before. I've been hatching this idea for months. I wanted them to each have a book that reminds me of them. For L, When you were small. I chose this one because L is totally silly, and this book has a sweet silliness to it. For M, The Red Shoes, because it is about a creative girl and her creative mom. Each book will be given in its own bag, with a coloring book (made by making copies of pages in the book, and stitching them together), and one interactive activity.

L's bag

M's bag

L's activity - color copies from the book, mounted on felt.

M's activity. One colored background from the book, with interchangeable skirts and dresses. (laminated).

M's coloring book.


jodi said...


Cambry said...

So special and fun!

Mindy said...

Will you please keep track of all these fun things you do for your kids so I can do them with mine when they're old enough.

Abbigail said...

That is so lovely. I have never seen the book you got for Milli, so thanks for the tip. I love when you were small, Kitty loves it too. The illustrations are so pretty. The bags you made are great. I wish I would start sewing! Always something right? Beautiful work, inspiring.

pamela said...

oh abbi. keep drawing/painting while you can! the day will come when you have to let out your creativity at a sewing machine, 10 minutes at a time, here and for now, enjoy your studio time.