Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Tree Shirt

We have nearly cleared up the list of possible candidates for marriage. (This has been a big concern lately, especially when L took the crushing news that M and I were not options.) I heard M whisper in hushed tones to Mekella that if she could just marry L, then they could truly be sisters. Kella just says "I know!" and rolls her eyes. Thankfully L has chosen Maggie, from church. As long as they are not on the family tree, we'll take it.

For a good tutorial on the freezer paper stencils, go here.


sixmoores said...

love the shirts! Zoe had an little hurt on her leg tonight and told me she wished milli was here to hold her hand because she is a good pain hand holder. What a compliment!

jodi said...

how did you do the shirts? Love the bubble.

Abbigail said...

hmm... interesting idea. I have never heard of this type of stencil. Must have been a serious pain to cut out all of those sillouhettes (if that is how you spell it.) I think it would maybe be easier to do it free hand? Or what about projecting the drawing onto the shirt? Whatever you did turned out great. Were you able to reuse the stencil to make more than one shirt? Or did you have to cut it out over and over?

pamela said...

abbi and jodi, these were actually very very simple. you can only use the stencil once, but you can stack the freezer paper on top of each other and cut them all out at once. meaning - i cut out liam's and milli's at the same time. freezer paper is available by the ziploc baggies and plastic wrap.

so how i did it.
1. took pictures of all of our profiles.
2. traced them in illustrator (but freehanding them would be fine too)
3. traced the shapes onto freezer paper (you can slightly see through freezer paper) SHINY SIDE DOWN!
4. cut them out with an exacto knife - didn't take too long, maybe 10 minutes for all 5 of our silouhettes.
5. iron the freezer paper onto your fabric.
6. paint in the shapes
7. peel off the paper and let dry

Camillitary said...

Awesome shirt. I don't have one creative gene in me.

Abbigail said...

very cool. Maybe I will make some with my two dogs and my daughter. I need to try it. I will let you know how it turns out. Would be good to make some sort of a flag or something. I have been fixated on that lately, banners and flags. Maybe you guys could make a family flag? I want to make a Lambretta one out of felt.

Brooke said...

Pam! SUPER cool shirts! Maybe on an ambitious day I'll try it. You are awesome.

BTW, just email me your mailing address and I'll send the bamboo table and chairs. If it doesn't work, give it to someone else. How's that sound? (my email link is on my profile page)

jodi said...

I liked the one Brian had on today.