Saturday, September 20, 2008

Art Show

Tonight we had a family art show. A few drawings were sold, some treats were eaten, all to the backdrop of nice jazz music. M's artwork dominated the show, and I'm glad to say, most of them sold.

Enjoying of lemon cookies.

Some of Milli's submissions.

The whole show.

Liam had one entry.

Greta and I reviewing the work.

Greta's submission. It's called "footprints". Note there is only one set. (please say someone out there gets my joke).

Bryan's entries.


sixmoores said...

Mom giggled right on cue for your joke. She said as usual, "I'm carrying you Pam". Love the show.

sixmoores said...

Pam, The art show is great!! We would like to have one drawing from each of our grandchildren - perhaps we could choose or buy one from Milli and Liam.

Love, Mom

Elle said...

I don't get the joke, and I would like more deets on this art show. Who purchased the art, who judged, who was all involved. Did you make enough money to pay for your pedi's? I'm happy to see that Milli likes the outfit I got her for her birthday! Did you mak

pamo said...

mom! of course you can have a drawing from each child!

who was involved - just us. cousin ezra was visiting, but told me he "didn't want to do that" when i asked him to participate.

bryan was the main purchaser.

we didn't do any awards this time, but milli really wants to next time.

the paintings sold for about 1 cent each. we'll pay more next time, but honestly, this was really thrown together, last minute. with some planning it could be awesome!!

Jessie said...

where's your submissions, pam?

and i'm really curious about the penciled chubby baby in the last pic!?

fun idea!

pamo said...

jess, to be honest, my submissions were really horrible. i sketched for about 20 minutes and tried to call it good, but my drawing of greta ended up looking like curious george and my drawing of milli looked a little 'special' as well.

i'm out of practice i guess.

Gritty Pretty said...

i love that your kids are learning the ropes of an art opening! that's another thing i wish i learned in college- don't just make art and let it collect dust in your garage but SELL it too. =)

cathy said...

sorry that we missed it! Kella would have loved to make a purchase! I am also way sorry that I missed your friday giveaway! Who ever recieves the granola is way lucky! We missed you this year in the Uintahs!