Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New York City Chapter Two: Hot Dogs and Design Shops

Day two of New York was so so great. Our great friends Chip and Katie along with their girls Eve and Ruth showed us around Brooklyn. We went to the area where the Cosby Show was set, had a real slice of New York pizza, and saw lots and lots of great shops with cute things that we wished we could buy.

By the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe Manhattan Bridge. I don't remember.
Pizza. Nice big pieces!
Views of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn.

We started the day at the local market getting goodies.

Pie from Dean and Deluca. The lemon tart was the best thing I've ever eaten.

Fun furniture shop in Brooklyn. I really wanted this dresser.

Bryan went all the way to New York for this hot dog. It lives up to its reputation apparantly.

And the pina colada was awesome too.

At our friends Ward Chili Cook off we ran into a very good mission buddy of Bryan's - Blake Marsden.


sixmoores said...

The lemon tart sounds yum!

Jessie said...

Where's the pic of you eating your dog?

Anonymous said...

I love food! That pizza looks so good, I can only imagine. You love lemon.

Joe Fowler said...

Are you sure that lemon tart was better then Hostess Lemon Pies? Hmm... all those wrappers claim otherwise.

(Not meant to rhyme, crap, now I look like an idiot!)