Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Art Show

Here is a small sampling of the artwork. I did not post any of Bryan's because I don't think he would like showing his work before it is done. This painting is not done either, but it's mostly there. I just need to add a little texture/pattern in the background. We are each trying to get 10 paintings done. He has one done and one mostly done - I have 4 that are about 70% done. I'm pretty happy with them so far. It's been nearly 4 years since I've painted anything, and 5 years since I did a show. I'm a little rusty for sure, but I'm really having a good time. I do most of my painting at nights when the kids are sleeping, so that is adding to my tiredness. And the house is a little dirtier than usual. But I think in the end it will be worth it. Good for a resume anyway.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

It looks GREAT, Pam! Is that Michelle? It sure looks like her! No worries about the dirty house...I owe you some housework anyways!